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1. Thou shalt not assume the drawfag knoweth what the Hell thou talkest about when thou useth jargon from thy game of choice; whenever possible, thou shalt provide references, or Google-appropriate phrases (that shalt have as little overlap with bizarre fetish pornography as possible).

2. Thou shalt keep thy bizarre fetishes to thyself. If thou chooseth to make thy bizarre fetishes known to the drawfag, thou shalt not be a fuckstick about it if they chooseth to decline thy request, or make merciless fun of it.

3. Thou shalt not submit finished drawfaggotry to other drawfags as a visual aid without the original drawfag's consent.

4. Thou shalt be honest with thyself about thy request. Thou shalt get a much more accurate picture of Sephiroth, Drizz't or Wolverine if thou just fucking asketh for Sephiroth, Drizz't or Wolverine.

5. Thou shalt not flood the thread with requests, and allow other fa/tg/uys the opportunity to have their requests filled.

6. Thou shalt keep thy requests concise, for the drawfag's attention span is short, and the goal is to fill as many as possible. Every moment the drawfag must spend reading a request is a moment where he or she is not filling it.

7. Thou shalt cometh to the thread clad in thy big-girl panties, and endeavor to keep them untwisted and unsoiled, drawfag and anonfag alike.

8. Thou shalt not bump thy request until at least three other requests hath been filled.

9. Thou shalt not use meaningless catch-phrases to describe thy character. We knoweth where the tits and the ass are supposed to be on a woman, thou needest not tell us where the curves are unless they are in all the wrong places.

10. Thou shalt not look thy gift horse in its mouth, for the drawfag gives of his or her time and talent, however modest they be, freely, out of love for the hobby.

As as written by GregMustache to the Consortium, on 10/2/2013.

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What happened to technorakel? His account deactivated and all his art disappeared.
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Is this group still alive?
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Is this specifically for drawthread request stuff, or is it generally any art that's /tg/ related?
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There MUST be more warhammer 40k artworks, the Emprah DEMANDS it!!!
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how about Warhammer 40k artworks about Tau/Eldar/Sister of battle drawn in K-On! style?
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